Law Enforcement

The law enforcement (LEO) is split into four categories - BCSO, PBPD, SSPD and SAHP. As a Law Enforcement Officer, you will be picking up the pieces of the Civilian Operations department, and punish them for it. You are offered a range of scenarios by our group of Civilians, which are all unique, so whats not too like? 


Paleto Bay Police Department

The enforcers of Paleto Bay.

Paleto Bay officers are based out in Paleto Bay and backed up by the officers on the highway, (SAHP). The structural command is the same throughout the law enforcers!


San Andreas Highway Patrol

The highway of Paleto Bay.

SSPD: Is a fast growing department which patrols Sandy Shores, we work alongside BCSO in fighting crime and keeping the area safe. 


Blaine County Sheriffs Office

The enforcers of Blaine County.

The Blaine County Department operate above Sandy Shores PD and work hand in hand with them. It is a tough job maintaining the whole of that area which is why the process of applications is difficult!